DUI Charges? So Much Is At Stake. Free Initial  Consultation – Call 24/7 

As an attorney experienced in DUI (and High Driver – Call for more information) related charges, Matthew Vanlandingham can assist you in many different ways if you are charged with a DUI offense. Our Law Offices know the local court scene and can give you the protection and representation you need.

Here are some of the reasons you would want to hire an experienced attorney if you are faced with a DUI charge:

  • There can be huge fines and expenses that come with a DUI conviction – we can assist you in keeping these financial penalties to a minimum.
  • DUI convictions may result in jail time – an experienced attorney can help you with sentencing issues.
  • You might lose your driver’s license if convicted. As you know, losing a driver’s license is costly in many ways.
  • Navigating a DUI conviction’s requirements are quite complex. If you are convicted there are many legal issues which still need to be handled.

The Law Offices of Matthew Vanlandingham offers an initial free, no-obligation consultation for you. Call today or use the form to the right to set up a time to speak or meet.

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