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If you’re involved in settling an estate, you might ask “What is probate?” Probate is the legal process that takes place after a death that determines how any assets are distributed. The Law Offices of Matthew Vanlandingham can assist you in the following steps which take place along the process:

    • File a petition to begin probate
    • Give notice to all creditors, beneficiaries and heirs (as required by the court).
    • Inventory and appraise all assets present them to the court such as Bank accounts,
    • Retirement accounts, stocks and bonds, real estate, and personal effects
    • Handle bills and debts
    • Collect money owed to the estate
    • Pay all applicable taxes and file a final income tax return on the estate and distribute remaining assets
    • Close the estate and be released from the role of executor

The Law Offices of Matthew Vanlandingham offers an initial free consultation with you so we can get acquainted with each other. We can charge a flat fee or be employed on an hourly basis to help you maintain your estate and see that your wishes are carried out.

Call today or use the form to the right to set up a time to speak or meet. Our initial consultations with Matthew are free and offered with no obligations on your behalf.

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