Wills – Expert Counsel For Peace Of Mind

Creating your will is important, especially when you have children. The Law Offices of Matthew Vanlandingham can assist you in making sure your wishes for your estate and assets are met.

Here are some of the way in which we can help you:

  • When creating a will, you should lay out after you pass. You should name a guardian for your young children. We can assist you in this area.
  • You should also decide on who will receive the property you have, and who will control those assets should you have young children.
  • You may also want to include instructions for your funeral arrangements and possible medical situations.
  • To make your will legally binding, certain aspects of the law need to be taken into account. Our offices can assist you in that regard.

The Law Offices of Matthew Vanlandingham offers an initial free consultation with you so we can get acquainted with each other.

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